Your photos deserve original Fujifilm quality

Since our beginnings as a photographic film manufacturer, we have steadily pursued innovative solutions, unrivalled technologies and high value for our customers. Our heritage is one of expertise and a deep understanding of photographic paper. We have a long tradition of quality. Quality that you will find in our unsurpassed technologies: the extremely high resolution of a continuous tone printing system in combination with a special coupler technology results in superb image sharpness. Quality drives all of our actions. We constantly strive for the best.

The result: Our silver halide paper products are market leaders. Our original photo paper delivers superb print quality and long-lasting images for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Science that brings out beauty: our silver halide technology

Fujifilm defines a core technology as one that serves as the foundation of added value to the customer or sets us apart from the competition. To give rise to revolutionary products, these technologies must be among the very best in their respective fields. Our silver halide emulsion technology unites all of these advantages. Its science generates beauty and drives success.

What you get is what you'll love

Original photo paper will give you the broadest range of unsurpassed attributes.

Lay-flat binding – for panoramic and emotional impact

Unlike adhesive bindings, this special type of binding allows the opened photo book to lie completely flat, presenting an unobstructed view of your photos across the full width of the book. Preserve precious moments for a lifetime.

Long-lasting quality – treasured memories

Original Fujifilm paper prints are best in class when it comes to image longevity and enjoyment.

Natural look and feel

Due to the special techniques in the production process, original Fujifilm photo paper offers exceptional quality with natural surface look and feel. Brilliant colors, extra-fine shading distinctions and natural rendering of skin tones give your photos a unique spatial sense.

Photo exposure – long-lasting and brilliant

Your photos deserve to be printed on original Fujifilm photo paper. Get continuous-tone images – which present an unbroken range of tones from white to black. The extremely high resolution of a continuous tone printing system in combination with a special color coupler technology results in superb image sharpness. You also benefit from a real photo look and feel as well as significantly better colors (high color gamut).

Photos as brilliant, colorful and intense as your life

Don’t settle for less. Bring out the best in your photos. Only original Fujifilm photo paper offers you:

  • Brilliant whites and deep blacks
  • A wider color range
  • A broad color gamut
  • Vivid color reproduction

Our vision for a sustainable world

Our dedication to quality applies not only to our photo paper products, but also to our actions as a corporation: we strive for sustainable processes and social responsibility. We sponsor and invest in the following fields in accordance with company policy:

  • Nature and the environment

  • Innovation and sustainability

  • Photography and offset plates

  • Education and technical training